Other CALMC Services


CALMC assists organizations and their employees to work together on flexible and innovative strategies that can help with continuous change and competition. Your organization can learn to rely on the vision, abilities, and knowledge of everyone to achieve its goals.

CALMC provides a full range of services, including:

Training designed to meet the unique needs of your organization

Assessments to identify the strengths and opportunities for organizations, committees, or teams and provide a benchmark for improvement efforts

Public seminars designed to introduce topics of interest. Most seminars range from 2 hours to a day in length.

Networking opportunities.

Our Annual Golf Outing brings people together on the golf course for a day of relaxation and networking.

Neutral facilitation for teams or committees that makes meetings more productive by focusing on process and function

Displaced worker assistance to business and organizations, through the formation of worker adjustment committees. These joint employee-management teams help develop specific plans to assist workers and families affected by downsizing

Safety Always, a collaborative safety process with proven effective results

Other services planned and designed in consultation with you to help your organization meet the challenges you face. The initial discussion is free, because we believe once you talk with us, you will want to use our services.

Contact us to see how CALMC can help your organization in these and other areas.