Public Seminars

Workshops, Seminars

CALMC staff can work with you to develop and present workshops and seminars to help your organization and its employees. 

These workshops may be designed to introduce a topic or ideas or to start new initiatives.

Some of the seminar topics we have presented in the past are:

Leadership Skills
Coaching Skills
Problem Solving
Conflict Management
Adapting to Change
Performance Evaluations
Workplace Safety
Interest Based Bargaining/Problem Solving
Grievance Handling

Workshop designs are similar to CALMC training, which adapts to adult learning styles by providing hands-on experience with tools and techniques for real-life practice.

The CALMC focus on service instead of profit allows us to help organizations of all sizes, especially the smallest start-ups. 

CALMC Meetings

CALMC Membership meetings have also included short, two-hour seminars convenient to work schedules.