About Us

Our Mission

To promote labor-management cooperation -- through the active involvement of its members and effective training, communications, and leadership -- to benefit the citizens of Central Ohio.


Our History

Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee (CALMC) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1986 as part of the Ohio Labor-Management Cooperation Program. The OLMCP was created under the Governor Richard Celeste to help dispel the image that Ohio was a "bad labor state."

Since then, CALMC has served to bring labor and management together in joint efforts to enhance workplaces, increase safety and productivity, increase employment, and avert layoffs.

Board of Trustees

The CALMC Board of Trustees helps set the direction for the organization and its staff. The Board consists of 5 Labor leaders, 5 managers, and 2 community based trustees. To see who is on the board, click on the picture above.


The staff of CALMC consists of Dr. Jim Cowles. Executive Director and Meredith Porterfield, Program Manager. Each has extensive experience in working with organizations to help improve their work system.
For more information about Jim and Meredith, click on the graphic above.


  • Member organizations in Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee show their support for the organization and their commitment to accomplishing our mission. Members are entitled to send representatives to our quarterly breakfast meetings, where local labor, management, and organizational leaders network to discuss workplace issues and receive information on relevant topics.

    There are two classes of memberships in CALMC:

      Active Membership - Open to any public or private sector employer, union, or organization. Annual membership is only $200 per organization.
    • Associate Membership - Open to anyone interested in the principles of CALMC, including individuals, organizations, or non-organized employers. Annual membership is also $200, and must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Associate members cannot vote or hold office in CALMC.

    Contact CALMC for more information on becoming a member.