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Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee offers a wide variety of training programs to our customers. These programs range in length from a couple of hours to several days, and are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our customer.


Some of our customers prefer on-line information or training programs they can view at their convenience. We recognize everybody's time is valuable so we've introduced on-demand tools not only to provide training but also to help inform those who have an interest.  

To meet this need, CALMC is providing a series of brief webcasts and webinars designed to introduce you to some of the topics and tools included in CALMC training.

Webinars are a little longer than our Quick Take Videos, but provide more information on similar topics.  New videos and webinars are added periodically so keep check on the Home page under News, Notice and Events section.


Click on the topic to view the presentation. Some may require you to save the presentation on your computer for viewing.


Check out our On-Demand Webinar Channels

Employee Engagement

Problem Solving

Effective Meetings

Conflict Resolution


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Employee Engagement Channel

Our programs on the Employee Engagement Channel deal with the advantages of an effective employee engagement process and the ways to build employee engagement.


Joint Leadership Teams: Developing Leadership Together
     Organizations that practice shared leadership can operate more effectively. Rather than rely on someone to be the expert on everything, we use the knowledge of all members. This webinar discusses the importance of shared leadership, some ideas about how to engage your employees in shared leadership, and some things to avoid. The information presented can you your organization, whether it is an employer, club, union, or other organization to establish shared leadership or improve an existing process.


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Introduction to Employee Engagement
     Are you interested in building an effective employee engagement process. This program provides ideas about what this process might look at and some ideas on how to start.


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Problem Solving Channel

The Problem Solving Channel presents tools and methods designed to help your team effectively identify problems, develop solutions, and implement their ideas.

Interest Based Problem Solving: An Employee Engagement Process
     Interest Based problem Solving focuses on building effective solutions to problems based on the needs and desires of the participants. By focusing on these interests, solutions can be developed that benefit everyone. This program introduces the interest based process and the steps it entails.


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Effective Meetings Channel

Employee engagement involves bringing people together to share ideas, solve problems, and improve the work system. The Effective Meetings Channel focuses on the techniques for holding productive meetings.


Planning Effective Meetings
     Conducting effective meetings begins with planning. This program provides ideas that will help your meetings be more productive through effectively planning for the type and style of meeting you will conduct.



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Conflict Resolution Channel

Every organization experiences conflict, which can result from a variety of sources. The Conflict Resolution Channel looks at types of conflict and how to resolve them in an effective manner that will strengthen your organization.


Working Together on Conflict Resolution
     Some types and sources of conflict are examined in this first program on Conflict Resolution. Ways of resolving conflict are also examined, including a look at resolving conflicts based on the interests of the parties.


Avoiding Conflict Through Effective Communications 
     Communication effectively in times of conflict can be difficult, but doing so can help to alleviate the situation. This webcast discusses some communications strategies for avoiding conflict, including the use of "I-Messages".




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