State of Ohio Labor-Management Committee Training


If you work for a state agency in Ohio, training for OCSEA labor-management committees may be paid for through a grant from OCSEA/Union Education Trust.

There are two different training plans. 


One-Day Training:

A one-day introductory to the basic principles of labor-management committee effectiveness. 


Three-Day Training

This is a comprehensive training plan.  It includes:


1.    A pre-training assessment to determine the committee's areas of strength and the areas where the committee needs improvement.  This assessment will also help to plan the training and provide a benchmark for a post-training assessment.

2.    A three-day training that will include communications, problem solving and team development.  While three consecutive days helps to create stronger camaraderie, we recognize it can be difficult to schedule it so we will work with you on a schedule that is more convenient.

3.    Following the training, the committee will receive facilitation at their labor-management meetings to help utilize the tools and techniques learned during the training.

4.    A post-training assessment will be done during one of the last facilitated meetings to determine what's changed from the pre-training assessment.  This will help the committee going forward.


An application for the training can be downloaded from: For more information, contact us or Union Education Trust.