Safety Always


A proven employee engagement process that involves both workers and managers in creating a safe work environment guided by the staff of Columbus Area Labor-Management Committee. The knowledge all employees have of the work process can make the organization safer and lead to a greater shared commitment to safety throughout the workplace.

The Safety Always process has helped organizations achieve significant, lasting safety improvements in the workplace and provides substantial cost savings.


An assessment of the organization's overall safety culture establishes a starting point for a new or existing safety committee, and can serve as a benchmark for a future assessment to measure the success of the process. 


Training on problem solving and communication tools helps the safety committee become more productive as they develop strategies for a safe working environment. 

Facilitation not only helps a committee stay focused during their meetings but it also helps members utilize the tools they learned during training and put them into real-life practice.

CALMC staff can work with your existing safety committee or help representatives from both management and the workforce create a new committee. The committee will design the details of a Safety Always process that will meet the specific needs of the organization. 


What Else Can Safety Always Do For Your Organization?

         Develops team building and cooperation

         Generates individual safety responsibility

         Provides greater commitment to safety

         Identifies new ideas for a safer work environment.

         Reduces workplace hazards, accidents, and injuries

         Provides greater opportunity for profitability

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Safety Always Video to learn more about how the process has helped employers and employees.


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