Who We Are


Since 1986, CALMC has been helping organizations and their employees work together to achieve their goals and strengthen their businesses.  CALMC is governed by a board of trustees comprised of both public and private sector community leaders.  In addition to the board of trustees, a broader membership of representatives from public and private sector organizations also support CALMC.

Some of the services we provide are training, assessment and facilitation to support employee engagement efforts.

The focus has always been on service instead of profit which permits us to provide a low-cost, high value support for all organizations.

Our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to your specific needs.

We also have provided long-term support to our satisfied customers.  Many of them have relied on CALMC for several years.

The staff has extensive experience with employee engagement processes which include leadership development, team building and quality processes.

Please look around our website about our staff, our mission, the services we provide and membership.