Workplace Assessments

CALMC has experience in utilizing a variety of assessment strategies in many organizations. Assessments determine the current state of your organization, identify organizational strengths and opportunities for growth, and establish a baseline for future measurement. They also provide a snapshot of the opinions and attitudes of employees.

Remember, as a not-for-profit organization, CALMC can deliver assessment services at a fraction of the cost of private consultants.

Services include preparation of the assessment instrument, administration of the assessment, analysis of assessment data, preparation of a complete written analysis report, and presentation of results to participants in the format you desire. CALMC can utilize questions from our tested item bank and/or develop specific items for your organization.

Assessments can also help you and your employees plan and implement effective methods to build and maintain strong competitive workplaces that meet the demands of the customer.  We will work with you and your employees to utilize the assessment process to design a process that will enable the creation of a shared vision and mutual goals, the cornerstone of labor-management cooperation.

Workplace assessments can include questions from a specific area or a variety of areas such as:

or other areas that you choose.

If you are interested in learning more about the assessment process or discussing an assessment for your organization, contact CALMC.